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Who Are We?

We are a society of men and women who are passionate about appreciating and preserving our environment for future generations with a special passion for our marine environment.

We care about the land and sea and the role of living men and women to facilitate the education and lifestyle of preserving and nurturing our environment.

What Do We Do?

,,We educate a wide variety of people like you, to support and encourage a wholistic approach to life.

We accomplish this through education (on water, and on land), retreats, tours and special events. While the marine environment is our passion, we are also educators for law and lore, so that you learn to live in harmony with nature – do no harm.

Where Are We Based?
We are based in Queensland, Australia, however we operate, providing retreats, tours,, workshops, seminars and events world wide. We are all custodians of our environment for our future generations.
Why Choose the Marine Appreciation & Preservation Society?

Whale tours are one thing – however we create a fully immersive experience to re-wild yourself, create connections and bonds with the people and creatures we meet. Not only will your mind be nourished, but your body and spirit as well. Everything we do is motivated by love and for the best interests of each and every being we encounter.

What Can I Expect?

Whether you choose an ocean or land based retreat or immersed in an experiential workshop, learning about law/lore, learning about the ocean, enjoying food with our people, or learning to re-wild and survive and thrive, we offer it all with love


Ocean Retreats

Our immersive and holistic retreats are a life-changing journey of self-discovery travel to pristine places amongst nature, adventure and soulful nourishment practices that are heart expansive.

Whale Appreciation

Superior to “whale watching” – our whale appreciation tours invite the whales to us in a magical union of beings.

Online Learning

Living Sustainably On The Ocean, Nutrition, Ecological Foraging, and a lot more….

Workshops and Seminars

We offer workshops and seminars in a variety of topics around natural law, survival, sailing, marine appreciation, marine cleanups, and more…


We supply sustainably sourced and locally produced products to elevate your daily life.

Lifestyle Training

Lifestyle training opportunities range from yoga on the beach through to personal breakthroughs.

Celine - Sept 2022

I was lucky enough to spend a magical week aboard a catamaran in September hosted by Vic. 

It was everything I hoped it would be….. a time for healing, spectacular scenery, great people and amazing healthy food. 

Thank you to Vic for providing such a beautiful experience that I will treasure forever. 


Wendy 2022

Wow. I had such a wonderful week onboard with Vic! Exactly what I needed to reboot myself. They provided the perfect environment with sharing the sea, the land and the extra that you can’t quite explain. Just magical. 

Would do it again in a heartbeat .


Nat 2022

My trip with you has inspired me to be amongst the ocean and warm skies. So much shifting right now because of the healing adventure with you. Your love, nurture, vision and presence helped me feel one of my life’s biggest dreams. I will always feel completely blessed to have met you and I have shared that precious time with you.

Rachel 2019

I joined Oceans of Love for a trip of a lifetime to see the Humpback Whales as they migrated through the tranquil waters of Hervey Bay between Fraser Island the mainland in Queensland Australia. Victoria Millar-Wise puts an extraordinary amount of love, care, passion, creativity, time and energy into creating an unforgettable experience!

I can honestly say that the experience was nourishing and inspiring on a soul level. To be so immersed in an oceanic world, surrounded by the ever-changing textures and colours of water and sky, the white sand dunes of Fraser Islands, and the excitement of spotting a dorsal fin on the horizon, a slapping tail, or a humpback breaching completely out of the water, is nothing short of incredible. And then to hear the exquisite whale song in the hull, and when swimming underwater – brings a sense of having had an encounter with the divine.

The catamaran was beautiful and spacious, and the hand picked group were such a pleasure to spend the week with. The food was delicious, generous and well planned – catering for all dietary needs whilst being super healthy and mostly organic. I have such fond memories of the experience, and so I happily recommend gifting yourself this wondrous experience with Oceans of Love!

Heather 2016

In 2016 I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Divine, powerful, compassionate and healing Victoria Millar – Wise. I felt an immediate connection and safety with Victoria and couldn’t resist taking part in the annual Whale tour on the NSW/QLD coast for 6 days. I didn’t have the savings to take part at the time but Victoria just told me to trust and it would come. Well it did and I can honestly say I have never felt so at peace than I did on the tranquil water, listening to the sounds of the whales. We canoed to nearby islands, did sound healings on remote shores and shared the most nutritious and sumptuous meals prepared with love each day. I have never lost the sense of deep peace, strength and healing that I gained from that trip and no matter where I am in the world can still tune into the profound connection. I am deeply thankful for Victoria’s love and Guidance and the special gift that is the whale song. Heather WA

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