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Marine Appreciation & Preservation Society (MAPS)


Ambassadors for the Appreciation & Preservation of our Aquatic Environment

We are a society of men and women who are passionate about appreciating & preserving our environment for future generations with a special passion for our marine environment.


Aquatic marine environment appreciation. 


Environmental protection land, sea, and air.


A platform to learn more about our marine environment, thrive and survive experience, wholistic growth.


Sustainable retreats, day trips, learning, growth, workshops, seminars and eco-fishing experiences.


Our specialty, heart connections with ocean’s creatures.


With our combined life experiences from our talented crew, we are able to offer you a wide range of retreats, day trips, weekends, workshops, & seminars, with on and off water experiences plus educational activities.

We explore some of the most beautiful and pristine locations to facilitate appreciation of the marine environment, connecting you into that calm, spiritual place within.


As an integral part of our appreciation & preservation mission, we look after our wonderful marine environment, whilst educating and encouraging others to do the same in a sustainable way that puts our marine environment first.

From cleaning plastics and rubbish from the ocean to supplying and promoting ocean friendly products across several industry sectors, we encourage everyone to put the environment above profit.

Ocean Retreats

The whales watch us!

Come and join us for a magical and spiritual journey connecting with nature, the ocean and the whales whilst being out at sea off the pristine K’gari K’gari (Fraser island) Coast.

Our ocean retreats offer more than just close encounters with the whales, with marine education, snorkelling, eco-fishing, kayaking and S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) all whilst being part of a sailing crew.

All of our ocean retreats operate in style onboard luxury catamarans and are fully catered for with a full time onboard chef.The ocean life comes to us. This is part of the beauty and mystery of our whale appreciation journeys and ocean retreats.


Upcoming Events

Fraser Coast Ocean Retreat 21/7/23 – 7 Nights

Fraser Coast Ocean Retreat 1/9/23 – 7 Nights

New Opportunity Soon



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